Tips for Pruning Pothos to Encourage Increased Growth

Tips for Pruning Pothos to Encourage Increased Growth -- With the right plants, you can transform a space into a lush, tropical setting. Pothos is a lovely ornamental plant that thrives in any environment, including the outdoors. If treated well, this plant has lovely foliage and thrives. Learn how to prune pothos so that it grows more for the best plant.

Trim the pothos now


Prune the pothos from early spring through early summer during their growing season. By using this technique, plants can grow new leaves quickly while they are actively growing without being stressed by the cold. Except when the plant is afflicted by disease or pests, avoid pruning during the winter or periods of extreme heat.

How to properly prune pothos


Find the main stem with "scars," which are tiny leaf dots. Their thin horizontal lines make them simple to spot. When pruning pothos, make precise cuts to promote new growth and fend off intruders. Vegetation with vines appears taller and more lush.

Trim the vines' ends


It is best to leaves the top of the vine 1 to 2 inches long when lengthening pothos to maintain control over the plant's shape. This will encourage quick growth and quicken stem length.

Choose a node


Using knots is the best way to encourage pothos to grow thick and thick. To grow new shoots, make a clean cut a quarter inch above the node. As a result, shoots will grow more quickly and densely.

Lay out some sticks


Last but not least, to make the pothos fuller, to plant pruned pothos directly into the same pot. These cuttings will become fully grown and densely rooted in the same pot.

Hints for after-pruning care


- To ensure that the plants heals after pruning, grow in a location that is consistently moist.

- Ensure that a good  growing environment has a temperature range of 18 to 29 C.

- After pruning, fertilize the plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer. This is very beneficial for new growth when it occurs.

- Once the pothos is bigger than the growing container, repot the root ball into a larger pot.

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