Amazing Plants with Big Leaf for Refreshing Interior Decor -- Plants are the best idea to decorate a room fresher. If you like a fresh look but still simple, large leaf plants are a solution that you can apply. Some types of large leaf plants that you can have at home, check Amazing Plants with Big Leaf for Refreshing Interior Decor.

Calathea Orbifolia


This large leaf plant will be a unique decoration in the room because it has an interesting line motif. The green color combined with silver will make you look at it without being boring.

Monstera Deliciosa


Monstera is a popular plant because of its distinctive leaves, which come in a variety of colors. Monstera deliciosa is suitable for large leaves. This plant is also easy to care for when grown indoors. Provide bright, indirect lighting to prevent the leaves from turning pale.

Bird of Paradise


Bird of paradise can be grown as a large leafy plant, and if properly cared for, it can grow to be as tall as your ceiling. For best results as a house plant, place it in a bright area with indirect full sun.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


This plant is classified as having easy care and has large, firm leaves. What is unique about these plants is that they will often convey their problems by dropping leaves. In addition, the leaves of this plant are also often infested with mealy bugs, so you need to wipe them several times a month.

Hawaiian Pothos


Pothos is commonly referred to as a hanging plant with small heart-shaped leaves. This variety, however, is distinct. Its large leaves have a mixture of yellowish hues. Like most pothos, it can also be used as a room-cleaning plant.

Ruffle Fan Palm

Have you ever seen this one plant? You can make it as an indoor plant with unique large leaves. The leaves are shaped like a fan with neat folds. Do you like it?




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