Six Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens

Six Landscaping Ideas for Long and Narrow Gardens -- A yard or other open area left unattractive will make the house look very boring. If your landscape is small, there is no need for concern. The landscape can look beautiful even with careful planning. With a full plant, give it a fresh new look and accent the walkway around it. These landscape suggestions are available from the six lists below:

Put in a tall tree to give it more height


Tall trees can be grown in this thoughtful design for a medium-sized landscaping area next to the house. Add some ground cover, like bushes that spreads. Prepare a location for paving blocks and rocks to complete the tropical look.

Pergola-based division


In each section, create a distinct landscape appearance. Use a pergola to make the garden structure look better, and add accent rocks to your choice of trailing plants. Both urban and rural settings are ideal for this landscaping concept.

Select a colorful plant


If the right plants are chose, a small garden or landscape can still look lovely. Such as attractive coleus for long landscapes or colorful succulents. With a lavish planter, diversify that appeal.

Make a different garden area


Divide the landscaping throughout the home to create focal points that are visually stimulating. Make a special place for oasis plants like a dracaena tree with shrubs, a plant bed area near a house, and a pergola accent to provide shade and comfort.

Plant tropical species


With your choice of tropical plants with large leaves, you can add charm to your small garden. Such as philodendron, monstera, palm, or vines. Place it outside the house and combine it with paths and decorative grasses.

Lovely personal garden with succulents


Create your own private garden with a colorful succulent planter. This configuration will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic appeal and appearance of the landscape. Four outdoor use, pick a succulent carefully that can withstand any weather.

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