Eight Best Bathroom Plants for Absorbing Moisture

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You can put a palm that is perfect for a larger space. Thrive palms in warm and humid rooms. Palm can bring exotic and tropical vibes if you place them in a bathroom area or other indoors. 

Make sure to consider the amount of light available when choosing the variety for the bathroom.



Philodendron has several varieties and can grow up to 8 feet. This tropical plant is perfect to place in your bathroom. They love humidity and light to survive. You can put this houseplant by hanging them or putting it near the window with a curtain.



Sansevieria or popular with snake plants is a houseplant that is adaptable wherever you placed them. You can make decorate the bathroom by putting this houseplant. They can bring benefits for you, such purify the air, absorb pollutants, and also increase the look.

Rubber plant


The rubber plant or called Ficus elastica is a houseplant that can placed in the bathroom. Living in a humid environment can help maintain the perfect moist area for the plant to flourish. 

Even if they like moist air, soil, and roots, it doesn't mean you will keep pouring in undesired water on them. It can make the soil soggy and lead to problems like root rot, droopy leaves, fungal infections, etc.

Cactus mistletoe


Mistletoe cacti with their unique pencil-thin foliage and trailing growth habit, are perfect to place in a bathroom area. 

Native to tropical and subtropical regions, they grow naturally on tree branches beneath the forest canopy, pulling moisture and nutrients from the air around it and the host plant.



Many begonia varieties can be grown in the indoor area. You can put them in the bathroom and perfect to increase the appearance. These flowery tropical natives will rid the bathroom of moisture and add fragrant clusters of blossoms to the decor.

Spider plant


Spider plant is one the houseplants that are easy to maintain and adaptable to most environment. This fast-growing houseplant also can remove pollutants such as formaldehyde and xylene. Spider plants will thrive with little effort on the owner's part.



Azalea is a houseplant that naturally loves warm and humid environments. A steamy bathroom with some morning sun will keep the colorful blossoms happy and healthy. 

Make sure the soil stays damp because they don't like soggy roots and don't tolerate drought-like conditions long.

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