7 Appealing Spilled Flower Pots for Your Yard

Homifine.com -- There are many ways to enhance the landscape appearance in the garden. One of the best is the arrangement of flowers in a spilled flower pot. Plants that seem to spill from the pot will present a visual that pleasing to the eye. This is a great way to fill empty yards with artsy floral touches.

Here are 7 appealing spilled flower pots for your yard.

1. Blue spilled flower pot ideas

Gardening Soul

Side yards that are too empty will make your landscaping less than perfect. You should try to bring a spill container rather than just a spill pot. Spilled containers create a more visually appealing stacked look. You can grow low-flowering plant such as moss phlox or stonecrop, You can even go with blue flowers.

2. Up the game of spilling flower pots

Up the game for the spilled flower pot styling game like this one. Make it look like it's coming out of a small paint can. However, instead of liquid it would be nice to emits lush orange flowers like this . Without many things, this spilled flower pot will attract the attention of anyone who walks past it.

3. Make it seems like flowing flower

Garden Art

Make spilled flowers in your yard look dynamic. You can start by making the direction of the flower spill looks as if they are flowering. Try to have small flowers that you grow in wavy direction like this. You will also get flowers that look beautiful flowing.

4. Spilled pot with contrasting flowers

Verlene Perry

If your little yard is too dark, you can make it bright and eye-catching. Feel free to grow colorful flowers like petunias or daisies. Choose the color of the flowers in pink, red, or yellow. The bright flowers will contrast against the heuchera with the dark hue leaves.

5. Lovely spilled succulent pots


Succulents are great plants for yards with full sun. This plant survives well without frequent watering and intense sunlight. Show off your succulent rosette in a different way; you can make it look like it spilled from a pot or jug and continues to grow along the surrounding rocky soil.

6. Flower bed and spilled pot

Making a flower bed is a great idea to fill in the blanks. You can mix it with a spilled pot style like this. Make it like a real spilled pot. The growth of flowers near the pot looks a little bit and then gets wider and grows shady.

7. Spilled rock and flower pot


It may not be completely spilled flower pot. Rocks are the main center for this landscaping spilled pot. However, don't forget about the plant aspect here. Succulents and desert plants complement this landscaping well. It makes the yard garden more unique and fresh.

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