How To Grow a Big Caladium -- Caladium is a plant with large, beautiful leaves. Caladium can be grown in a variety of ways at home. Growing Caladium is also simple and suitable for beginners.
Caladium has a distinctively beautiful and dense leaf. If you are interested in growing Caladium. We'll share How to grow a big Caladium! Let's take a look!

1. Using a suitable pot


Choosing a suitable pot or container is one of the things you should pay attention to when growing Caladium.
Caladium with wide leaves and large roots needs a large-sized pot as well. That way, Caladium will grow well and healthily.

2. Required lighting


Good lighting will make Caladium grow large. Caladium can actually grow anywhere well. But, Caladium needs 4 hours of sunlight every day.
Because it is too long under direct sunlight, it will make the leaves burn.

3. Adding fertilizer


In order for the Caladium plant to grow lushly and well, you can add the appropriate fertilizer. You can apply fertilizer according to the dosage. Get fertilizer at your favorite plant store.

4. Make sure the plant is free from pests


When growing any plant including Caladium, you must ensure that the plant is free from invading pests.
There are many pests that can inhibit the growth of Caladium. For prevention, spray insecticides.

5. Watering


 Caladium is an easy plant to grow. Be sure to water this plant regularly every day. Avoid excessive watering as it will make the roots and stems rot.

That's how to grow a big caladium review. We hope it is useful.

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