7 Most Beautiful Types of Prayer Plant | Best Varieties of Maranta

 Homifine.com - Popular with colorful foliage, Prayer Plant or Maranta is perfect to decorate your home or office. Not only has one type, but Maranta also has various types that can make you have a gorgeous home and garden. And then, look at these 7 Most Beautiful Types of Prayer Plant | Best Varieties of Maranta. Check it out!

Ctenanthe setosa


Ctenanthe setosa is popular with Grey Star at its features. This houseplant has long elliptical leaves with a pale silver tint, dark leaf veins, and red-purple undersides. You can place them in the bedroom, living room, or office.

Maranta bicolor 'Kerchoveana minima'


This houseplant is popular with green prayer plants. Even with a simple design, these Maranta types are suitable to improve your indoor or outdoor area. They have green marking on both sides of the leaves divided by a central vein.

Ctenanthe lubbersiana


This houseplant offers beautiful marble yellow and cream on medium green oblong and rounded leaves. They can grow up from 2 to 4 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide.

Maranta Silver Feather


Maranta silver feather has beautiful slender leavers with a combination of light and deep green. They also have very faint, gray-blue markings between the veins.

Maranta leuconeura


Maranta leuconeura has stunning features with oval leaves. And they also look slightly different from the other varieties. The surface of the foliage has light green patterns and hints of maroon veins.

Maranta Silver Band


This lovely prayer plant has a wide band and silver down the middle of the foliage. And they also have large leaves and shiny colors.

Maranta arundinacea


Maranta arundinacea display solid green leaves and tiny white blooms throughout spring and summer. This houseplant is also known as West Indian Arrowroot, Bermuda Arrowroot, and St. Vincent Arrowroot.

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