7 Best Hanging Succulents with Pictures


Homifine.com -- Bringing a plant into the house is one of the simplest ways to improve the aesthetic of the space.
Furthermore, it has been discovered that plants in the home can refresh and liven up the atmosphere of the room. Well, there are many plants that you can grow at home, one of which is succulents.
Succulents are excellent plants for room decoration. The plant is also simple to cultivate. Suitable for novice gardeners.
If you're interested, we've compiled a list of the 7 best hanging succulents with Pictures just for you!

1. Trailing Jade


The first hanging succulent is Trailing Jade. The plant has characteristic thick leaves with a refreshing green color. Trailing Jade is easy to grow, and suitable for enhancing the beauty of the interior of the room.

2. String of pearls


String of pearls is a popular and much-loved hanging plant. This succulent has leaves shaped like beautiful prayer beads. This plant can grow well without the need for special care.
String of pearls is also very easy to propagate.

3. String of nickels


Succulents are indoor plants with the easiest care. This plant can even survive well if it is not watered regularly. These vines have leaves with refreshing shades of green.

For home decoration, try to combine it with a pure white pot.

4. String of hearts


As the name implies, this creeping succulent has adorable heart-shaped leaves. Moreover, on the edges of the leaves, there is a sweet pink tinge.
While on the top of the leaves there are interesting and alluring motifs.

5. String of bananas


Another vine with a unique look is the string of bananas. This succulent has unique banana-like leaves.
The best place to grow a string of bananas is near the window with indirect lighting.

6. Crassula Perforata


String of buttons has the Botanical name Crassula perforata. This plant is  succulent with leaves shaped like necklaces.
The combination of red mud and green shades on the inside of the leaves looks charming and refreshing. Suitable for beautifying the house. 

7. Burro's tail


Sedum morganianum is hanging succulent with a stunning appearance. Burro's tail is one of the unique and interesting succulents.

The plant has unique leaves similar to Burro's tails. This succulent is easy to grow anywhere.

Those were the 7 best hanging succulents with pictures. Which is your favorite plant?

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