Seven Toxic Houseplants for Cats


Seven Toxic Houseplants for Cats -- Even for beginners, the most common ornamental plants can be found in almost every home. Not all ornamental plants are suitable for pets, particularly cats. Colorful flowers with vibrant leaves can brighten living spaces whole also purifying the air. Plants are also thought to reduce anti-depressive anxiety. Learn about seven popular houseplants that will keep cats away.



Pothos is a low-maintenance perennial plant that is frequently used as a decorative addition to low-cost homes. This plant is completely safe to handle, but it is extremely toxic to cats. If you want to keep your pets safe, go with a spider plant.



Monstera is a popular tropical ornamental plant that many people own. This exotic and stunning appearance requires little maintenance and is an appealing plant to grow anywhere. It is toxic to cats because it contains oxalate.

English ivy


English ivy's small, spiky leaves make for a more eye-catching display and make it a popular hanging plant. This plant appears to be an appealing snake for year-round cats. However, if swallowed, it is extremely dangerous.

Snake plant


Even in low-light rooms, it grows well and does an excellent job of improving indoor air quality as a plant. The snake plant can withstand all temperatures and environments. If you have a cat, stay away from it at all costs.

Aloe vera


Aloe vera is a common plant that is popular due to its ease of care. Succulents with thick leaves and jagged edges that grow upward from the base in the from of a rosette. If ingested, this plant is toxic to cats, but the haworthia plant is a safe alternative.

Peace lily


This beautiful white flowering plant is one of the most common ornamental plants in every home. These peace lilies contain calcium oxalate, which is toxic to cats and should not be consumed. You can make sure keep it away from pets.



Kalanchoe is a plant that can cause cats to get digestive food and have a rapid heartbeat. This succulent plant is native to South Africa, but it is toxic to cats. Sedum is another safe plant option.

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