7 Most Beautiful Types of Caladium to Decorating Your Space

Homifine.com -- Caladium grows in various varieties that have an amazing appearance, so many are collected to fill gardens or to decorate rooms so that they appear more varied. For some caladium varieties that you can enjoy as a decoration, check out the 7 Most Beautiful Types of Caladium to Decorate Your Space.

Caladium Red Star


This first caladium variety is known as red star because of its green leaves with a red center shaped like a star. Furthermore, the presence of white spots on the leaves enhances the beauty of this variety. They are common in yards and make excellent outdoor plants.

Caladium Bicolor


The unique color of this caladium leaf is the reason many people like it so much. The white and green colors on the leaves also have red spots that look like abstract splashes of paint.



Caladium Florida Sweetheart


When viewed in direct sunlight, this caladium variety appears to have thin, almost transparent leaves. Its attractive and stylish appearance is enhanced by the red color and firm leaf fiber. Because the leaves are thin, they have a wrinkled appearance that distinguishes them.

Caladium Cranberry Star


This beautiful caladium has white leaves with a combination of green visible in the leaf fibers. White appears on older leaves and young leaves are completely green.

Caladium Lance Whorton


Caladium's distinct appearance will be a stunning decoration idea for your room. The leaves are fuschia pink with a green border that matches perfectly. At first glance, the leaves resemble those of the Florida Sweetheart variety, which has waves.

Caladium Praetermissum


This caladium variety has distinctive leaf colors. The combination of dark and light green makes the leaves stand out from the crowd. This variety is ideal for simple and minimalist interior decoration.

Caladium New Wave


This appealing color on caladiums may be difficult to find in other varieties, and you can collect them to impress other plant enthusiasts. The yellow and orange colors appear to represent a warm and memorable autumn vibes.




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