7 Ideas for Beautiful and Creative Succulent Planters

Homifine.com -- The beauty of succulents with various shapes, types, and colors is the reason many people have them as decorations in various corners. The succulent planter trend is becoming a popular one by filling each pot or planter with various interesting types. If you want to make your own, check out 7 Ideas for Beautiful and Creative Succulent Planters.

Take advantage of an old bathtub


If you have an unused bucket or bathtub, you can make it a succulent planter, like this one idea. Fill it with sandy soil, then you can plant succulents that grow thickly to make it look like a quirky little garden.

Use cans


Do you have leftover cans? Clean and dry immediately to use as a stunning succulent planter. Make succulents to cover tin boxes, and you can make great gifts for friends and family.

Beautiful clay pots


Clay pots will be an interesting decoration for porches and terraces with a natural look. Fill them with moderation of succulents and reveal sandy soil, showing that they are pots with lovely plants.

Use one varieties


For a neat look in your garden on the terrace or in the house, you can choose the same type for each of your succulent planters. Use good-growing varieties like sedum. You can have different varieties of each pot for more beautiful.

Succulent on the chair


This chair as a succulent planter is an intriguing idea that you can try. Replace the cushion on an unused chair with a planter that you can shape to fit the shape of the chair. Arrange succulents in different varieties, including succulent strings, to make them look even more stunning.

Hanging succulent


You can make this hanging succulent out of reclaimed wood. Make holes in the wood to insert the rope, and you'll have a unique and beautiful room decoration. Increase the number of succulent strings for a more eye-catching hanging planter display.

Creative planting


Used biscuit tins piled up, use as a succulent planter with interesting plantings like this one. Use wood to cover half the diameter, so the succulent can show up perfectly.




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