7 Large Houseplants For Beginners Grow Easily

 Homifine.com - Usually, beginner choose small plants for their garden. But it doesn't hurt if you take large houseplants to fill your garden. Then, here we have some recommendations for you. See these 7 Large Houseplants For Beginners Grow Easily. Check it out!

Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)


Native to Mexican, you can grow ponytail palms in your garden area. Other way, this houseplant is also perfect to decorate your indoor or office area. Ponytail palms are perfect for a beginner because they are easy to care for.



As Araceae family, Dieffenbachia is a houseplant native from Argentina to Mexico and other parts of the New World Tropics. This indoor plant is perfect to improve your home and garden with their camouflaged electric green hue throughout.

Anthurium clarinervium


Depending on the Anthurium cultivar, the color of its flowers can vary. And this plant is perfect for beginners because not nearly as finicky about the light it receives. 

This plant allows much more wiggle room when it comes to light than a lot of other houseplants. And anthurium doesn't require daily watering.

Snake Plant


Yeah, snake plant popular with their low maintenance and adaptable in various environment. And they are also perfect for beginner or busy people. Besides striking look aside, snake plants can build up your confidence as you do.

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra)


Cast Iron Plant is the species from Taiwan and Japan. This houseplant has long, blade like leaves, and is perfect to place in the corner of your office or other space area. Cast Iron Plant is also tolerant of neglect, and it's perfect for a beginner.

Agave attenuata


Suitable to decorate your indoor garden, Agave Plant, also friendly for beginner. They have thick leaves to store water for long periods, which allows you to go weeks without watering. 

And this houseplant no risk of having its leaves scorched in the sun, considering it natively grows in some of the hottest regions.

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera)


Another popular large houseplant that you can grow in your indoor garden is Monstera or Swiss Cheese Plant. The large leaves have cutouts that make them resemble the fronds of gently swaying beach palms. You can keep the soil of this Monstera moist and get the soil a bit dry between watering.

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