7 Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Jars & Bottles

 Homifine.com - Not only grow in pot or large area for your favorite plants. You can use a bottle or jar with mini size to plant them. It can be efficient and minimalist. Look at these 7 Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Jars & Bottles. Check it out!



Growing herbs like mint, thyme, basil, and others in a bottle or mini container perfect for indoors. You can place them in a kitchen that receives sunlight and suitable condition to grow.

Air plants


One of the easy indoor plants, you can put air plants in a jar or bottles. They don't need soil to grow, but they do still need a little attention. 

Actually, air plants can grow by put on a table or other area that no need a container. But, if you wanna tidy decoration, you can use a jar or bottle for air plants' place.

English ivy


Has botanical name Hedera helix, this indoor plant easy grows in a jar filled with water or soil. Make sure to keep English ivy in the area that receives a bright spot.

Amydrium silver


Native to southern Asia, Amydrium silver is suitable to grow in a jar or bottle. You can water them when the top of the soil feels dry. Get medium, dappled sunlight for this indoor plants. But they also tolerate low light.

Golden pothos


Golden pothos or Epipremnum aureum perfect growing in glass jar. This indoor plant also can grow climbing, and you can put them in high place if you wanna vines effect at indoor area.



Caladium is an indoor plant that has a beautiful foliage pattern. You can grow them in a glass jar or bottles with water media. This plant favors humid, warm shade where they shine with arrow shaped, and pointed leaves patterned.

Snake plant


The snake plant is a popular houseplant that has tall leaves with contrasting hues of green and yellow. And it will look perfect if you put them in a glass jar.

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