7 Perfect Easy Care Small Indoor Plants

Homifine.com -- Do you want a lovely tiny plant? Growing a small plant is one of the clever ways to decorate a room. Smaller plants are easier to place.
The presence of plants in the room serves the primary purpose of enhancing the interior's beauty. Aside from that, it turns out that the plant also effectively refreshes and purifies the air.
We've gathered 7 perfect, easy care small indoor plants just for you! Let's take a look!

1. Nerve Plant/ Fittonia


If you are looking for the best tiny plants, Nerve plants are at the top of the list. Nerve plant has the characteristic of tiny leaves and body, suitable for use as a table sweetener.
The plant is also easy to care for, you should not worry if the gardener is a beginner.
Fittonia has many varieties and all of them look beautiful.

2. Alocasia Poly


Create a room that looks exotic by adding Alocasia Polly decorations. Alocasia is a plant with stunning leaves.
The shape is unique with gorgeous leaf veins. Suitable for living room decoration.

3. Echeveria


Succulents are tiny plants with many variations in shape and color. Echeveria is one of the charming succulent varieties.
Succulents are known as plants that have low maintenance and are easy to grow anywhere.

4. Flamingo flowers/ Anthurium 


Brighten up your room by adding flamingo flowers. This plant has a characteristic striking colorful flower, one of which is a bright red color that will make the room more pleasant,
This plant is also often used as a decoration during holidays.

5. Moth orchid


Orchid is one of the plants with the most beautiful flowers. This stunning flower is very suitable to be used as a room decoration to look stunning.
Orchid are also easy to care for, they have flowers that can bloom for months.

6. Peperomia


Peperomia is one of the beautiful and unique tiny plants. They are a family of Succulents, which are certainly easy to care for.

Peperomia caperata has thick leaves with refreshing shades of green.

7. Begonia Rex 


Begonia rex is an ornamental plant known for its stunning leaf color and pattern. There are many varieties of Begonias and all of them are easy to grow.
The plant is suitable for making the room look attractive and stunning. You can put Begonia in the living room to give a good impression.

Those are the 7 perfect easy care small indoor plants. Which plant is your choice?

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