7 Small Bathroom Ideas but Still Comfy

Homifine.com -- The bathroom is a part that cannot be left behind when discussing complete home facilities. The existence of a bathroom is very important, so it is necessary to pay attention to its comfort no matter what size it has. The following are some ideas that you can emulate about small bathrooms, check out 7 Small Bathroom Ideas but Still Comfy.

Use half dividers


Using a divider between the toilet and bathing areas will make the room look more organized while also keeping the area clean and sanitary. Even if they are separate, make sure to apply the same theme to one room to keep it looking beautiful and well-thought-out.

Small but neat


Because there isn't much furniture in this bathroom, it has a small area with a neat arrangement. The toilet and shower are mounted on the wall in this bathroom. What you can do to make the most of a small bathroom is to install wall shelves and furniture that is mounted on the wall so that it does not interfere with the small space.

Natural style


The natural style in this small bathroom will give you a sense of calm and freshness. This small bathroom will feel more comfortable with the use of wood color with a touch of coral on the edges. Plants are, of course, the best decoration for this particular bathroom style.

White bathroom


The color white is an excellent choice for overcoming a small space. You can choose a plain white color for the walls and furniture, as seen in this bathroom. Use a Moroccan floor with a gray tint to blend in with the surrounding interior for an interesting touch.

Creative motifs


The motif details in this bathroom are a unique way to create a unique look. The use of pastel colors on some parts of the wall is also a good idea to emulate because it can create a lovely appearance.

Simple and elegant look


If you like a modern minimalist style, you can imitate the simple but elegant style in this bathroom. The use of black and cream in a room can make it appear more elegant and modern. To achieve a more modern look, you can use the built-in storage design to store items such as soap and shampoo.

White bathroom with pretty pattern


If you are bored with white in your small bathroom. Give a touch of style to the walls and floors. Like this small bathroom, patterns such as marble keep it clean and add an elegant impression.





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