The Top 7 Indoor Plants You Can't Kill -- Adding plants to the house is one of the simplest ways to improve its appearance. Indoor plants are used not only for decoration, but certain types can also help to purify the air in the room.
We've gathered plants that are easy to care for and hard to kill. Are you curious? Let's get into the specifics of the review.

1. Spider plant


Spider plants are one of the best indoor plants to grow if you want low-maintenance plants that are also hard to kill.
Spider plants can also absorb toxins in the air, making the environment cleaner and fresher.

2. Air plant


Do you believe that there are plants that can grow without soil? They are air plants. This unique plant grows well hanging in the air.
The air plant is easy to grow and care for a novice gardener.

3. Cast iron plant


Cast iron plant is an indoor plant that can grow anywhere. The plant is easy to grow and does not require special care. Cast iron plants are also ensured to be safe for pets if accidentally swallowed.

4. Chinese Evergreen


Are you looking for a plant with attractive and beautiful leaves? Chinese evergreen or known as Aglaonema has leaves with refreshing leaf tones and colors.
Chinese evergreen is a favorite plant because it is easy to grow and hard to kill. Suitable for living room decoration.

5. Pothos


These vines not only make the atmosphere of the room cooler. But it can also purify toxins in the room. They are Pothos plants with characteristic beautiful green leaves.
Pothos can even grow well even in water.

6. Snake plant


Probably almost everyone has a Snake plant in their homes. Snake plant is one of the best indoor plants that is difficult to kill.

The plant has many varieties and all of them look beautiful and are easy to grow. We recommend snake plant for novice gardeners.

7. ZZ plant


 This indoor plant with thick and glossy leaves is perfect for brightening the room. ZZ plant is easy to grow and can even survive well in low-light rooms.

ZZ plant can also clean the air well.

That's the top 7 indoor plants you can't kill. Which is your favorite plant?

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