8 Super Easy Houseplants To Propagate

Homifine.com -- The hobby of gardening and growing many plants is becoming increasingly popular and has numerous advantages. Plants not only improve the appearance of the home, but they also create a cooler room atmosphere.
Growing and propagating plants is a rewarding experience in and of itself.
We've compiled a list of 7 super easy houseplants to propagate below. Let's read the whole thing!

1. Arrowhead Plant


The arrow head plant has the Botanical name Syngonium podophyllum. They have a unique arrow-like or heart shaped leaf that is beautiful. The plant is easy to grow, and suitable for novice gardeners.
Arrowhead plant is also easily propagated by stem cuttings.

2. Pothos


 Pothos is a mainstay indoor plant that can survive and grow anywhere. They even grow well on water. They have many varieties and all of them are beautiful.
You can propagate this plant by cuttings off the petioles and propagating in the water.

3. Money Chinese plant


This plant is believed to bring good luck if it is grown at home. Money chinese plant has beautiful leaves shaped like coins that are suitable for use as home decoration.

4. English Ivy


Another vine that is easy to propagate is English Ivy. They are plants with stunning leaves. You can grow it in baskets or hanging pots.
To propagate English ivy you can cuttings in the water. You can try it at home.

5. Jade plant


Jade plant is a Succulent that is easy to grow. The plant has thick and refreshing leaves. The plant is often used as a gift, due to its tiny and attractive shape.
You can propagate the Jade plant by stem cuttings and using leaves.

6. Philodendron 'Brazil'


Almost all varieties of Philodendron are easy to grow and propagate. One of them is Philodendron Brazil.
You can grow them on a pot with a pole as support. Just like any other varieties, Philodendron can be propagated in water.

7. Snake plant

For you novice gardeners, we recommend growing a Snake plant. Sansevieria is the best indoor plant, not only easy to grow, but also can purify the air well.
You can also propagate easily, by leaf cuttings.

8. Spider plant


Spider plant is another easy plant to propagate. The plant has long leaves with a green and white tint.

Spider plants can be propagated on water or directly grow it on the ground. It's easy to try at home.

Those are the 8 super easy houseplants to propagate. Hopefully. the information above is useful.

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