Explore Secrets To Help Your Snake Plants

 Homifine.com - Snake plants or Sansevieria trifasciata are popular houseplants that are mostly found in indoor or outdoor areas. They are adaptable houseplants that are also humorous with 'mother-in-law's tongue'. Get Explore Secrets To Help Your Snake Plants for more information. Let's check it out!



According to a NASA study, Snake plants give you more benefits. Such air purifiers, fresh the environment, absorb the pollutant, and more. 

They have the ability to remove toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air in indoor spaces. Sansevieria takes carbon dioxide during the day and releases oxygen during the nighttime.

Light requirements


Adaptable to various environments, Sansevieria survives in highly lit spaces as well as shaded, very low-lit areas. But for the best growth and pretty look, you can avoid direct light that gives the potential to dry the Snake Plant leaves quickly. And very low light also can make the snake plant leave very weak and stretched out.



You can water the Snake plants for a range from 2-6 weeks. Remember, make sure not to oversaturate the soil while watering and remove any excess water that is left on the saucer. Overwatering will be the demise of your snake plants.



Besides low-maintenance houseplants, Sansevieria is also easy to propagate. Get divisions of the rhizomes for simple propagation. Cut out a section of the plant with leaves and roots still attached and replant it in a new pot with moist soil. The cutting will take a few months for new roots and produce a new plant.

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