How to Care for Beautiful Leaf Coleus Indoor -- Plants with beautiful leaves are found in many yards and make a stunning garden display. Not only in the garden, you can also place this beautiful coleus in the room. For maximum growth, pay attention to maintenance when indoors. Check How to Care for Beautiful Leaf Coleus Indoor.






When growing indoor coleus, pay attention to the soil mixture used. Choose moist but still well-draining soil. Mix the soil with perlite and vermiculite to help with drainage. Avoid using straight coconut husks or peat moss in your containers.




When grown as a house plant, coleus prefers bright but indirect light. Place it on a windowsill that gets some morning light and some afternoon shade. Avoid direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves, but direct sunlight will turn the leaves pale. 



It is critical to keep the soil moist for your coleus indoors. Don't let the soil completely dry out. You can water the soil when the top few inches are dry. Water the soil evenly to keep it moist and the leaves fresh. Watering velvety leaves will cause white spots that will disfigure the leaves. The most important thing is to water it with clean, room temperature water.

Temperature and humidity


Temperature and humidity are two other factors that can influence plant growth in the home. Coleus prefers summer temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Coleus prefers high humidity, so keep it in a humid environment. Watering several times per week can help to increase humidity.



Fertilization is something that can maximize plant growth. But for coleus, fertilization is something that doesn't have to be done intensely. Apply liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks in spring and summer.


Coleus can also grow like a small tree indoors. Prune for coleus that grows more heavily. Use clean, sharp scissors, so the coleus doesn't damage the stem. Prune the leaves and stems at any time.
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