Loving Succulents, What are the 7 Best Succulent Vines?

Loving Succulents, What are the 7 Best Succulent Vines?

Homiful.com -- Succulents do not all grow in the same way. There are thin, tall, short, and long ones. Succulents with long vines, on the other hand, are ideal for hanging baskets or vertical garden concepts. Succulent vines, with their lovely appearance, are an excellent choice for any room. Choose the seven best of its kind from the list below:


Cotyledon Pendens


This South African plant was introduced to Europe and other parts of the world. This plant adapts well to new environments. Is a succulent fleshy plant with small fleshy gray-green leaves. Wit lovely bell-shaped orange and red flowers.

Rhipsalis "Rice Cactus"


Succulents, also known as cacti, are members of the genus epiphytic cacti. This climbing plant grows more or less upright. Small flowers with a diameter of 1 cm are produced by the plant. It has lovely dropping plump leaves and is one of the best succulent vines.

Christmas Cactus


This popular houseplant succulent vine produces pink or purple tubular blooms. This plant blooms for an extended period of time and is commonly used as a cactus decoration. This plant is an epiphyte found is southern Brazil's tropical rainforests. Place in a room with good indirect lighting.

String of Dolphins


This adorable succulent will add a decorative touch to your home. Dolphin strings from long, dangling tendrils. This plant is typically grown indoors as an ornamental plant that requires warm weather all year.

Crassula Perforata


Crassula perforate, a succulent with square or triangular that spirally looks attractive with stacked growth, is a good plant for beginners. In the spring an summer, this plant grows quickly indoors or outdoors. However, it is extremely toxic to both humans and pets.

Hatiora Salicornioides


This South American ornamental plant is a succulent bottle cactus, also known as Hatiora Salicorrioides. This dancing bone plant is a succulent long-stemmed shrub with wrinkled stems and bottle-shaped joint. 

Peperomia Rotundifolia


This peperomia rotundifolia vine succulent plant is a shiny tear-shaped plant. The best succulent vines grow well and bloom with orange flowers.

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