Stunning Orange Houseplants that You Must Have -- Having a plant is indeed something that makes you feel fresh and beautiful. However, have you thought about collecting it in a certain color? Orange is one of the beautiful plant colors with a display that can give the impression of enthusiasm and joy. For some varieties of orange plants that you can have at home, check out Stunning Orange Houseplants that You Must Have.

Kalanchoe Paddle Plant


If you want to have a plant that has easy maintenance and propagation, you can have this one. You can even multiply Kalanchoe from the leaves. Place the leaf on the ground and wait a few weeks to see tiny shoots growing on the edges of the leaf.

Coleus Rustic Orange


Because of its beautiful leaves, Coleus is one of the most popular plants. If you want orange, you'll get it from this variety. If you have it as a house plant, place it in a bright area, such as a windowsill, to keep the leaves bright and non-pale.

Philodendron Prince of Orange


This Philodendron has a bright orange color on its young leaves and green on old leaves. You can make it as an amazing houseplant. When watering, avoid the leaf area so as not to cause spots that can damage the leaves. Use it often to wipe the leaves to keep them shiny.

Haworthia Correcta Peter Variegata


Haworthia is a low-maintenance succulent. The leaves are thick and have clear sections, giving it a more impressive appearance. Aside from orange, this haworthia variety has yellow and various shades of green, making this plant look interesting.



In addition to its distinctive yellow color, this plant has an orange color with a distinctive pattern. Croton can also be grown as a small tree at home. To keep its beautiful color, place it in a bright area with indirect light, just like the coleus.




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