The 6 Best Ideas for Making The Most of Narrow Areas -- Do you have a narrow area, and you let it go? Now you have to think again to start renovating it and make it a perfect relaxing area to enjoy on weekends with your family. If you are confused about the makeover idea, check out The 6 Best Ideas for Making The Most of Narrow Areas.


Wall paint

The narrow area behind your house will quickly become your favorite and most frequented area. A concrete bench with a wall painted in a green and fresh garden style is the inspiration for this renovation. The small roof also contributes to the area remaining shady and comfortable.

Add pergola

Pergolas are a popular way to create a unique relaxing area. Make the pergola fit the small space you have. You can replace the sofa with a hammock or swing, as well as some small chairs, to create a more relaxed atmosphere in this small space.

Outdoor space

This one idea will make a small empty area around the house look more beautiful and less boring. Adjust the color to match the surroundings, then add some fresh decorations such as plants to make this small area look more lively. It can be left without a roof and used as a sunbathing area.

Small refreshing garden

If you have an empty courtyard area, use it to create an amazing area like this one. Aside from a few sofas and tables, you can also include a fire pit as a facility. Use the courtyard area as a small garden with a few easy-to-care-for plants.

Simple look with vertical plants

You don't need a lot of effort to maximize the narrow area you have at home. Like this one idea, you only need to add small rocks to make it absorb better and keep this relaxing area dry and clean. If you don't have enough space to create a garden, you can place some plants on the wall area so that it saves more space.

Private area for relaxing time

This narrow area with benches, tables, and a fresh garden surrounding it is ideal for a quiet and private relaxing area. To keep it looking clean, avoid over-decorating and opt for simple style furniture. String lights can be used as a finishing touch to make this area warmer at night.





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