6 Beautiful Indoor Houseplants & Flowers That Are Also Easy To Maintain

 Homifine.com - Plants or flowers indoors can bring freshness and also make alive nuance. Many types of indoor plants that you can choose to place at home. And here we help you give some information about 6 Beautiful Indoor Houseplants & Flowers That Are Also Easy To Maintain. Check it out!

Stiff Aster


This beautiful flower with erect, wiry stems, and needle-like dense leaves. Striff aster's tolerance of drought and clump-forming habit makes it an excellent addition to the rock garden. The flower bloom in late summer into fall is mostly blue purple to white, which may mature to red, with a yellow center.



Rose is a popular flower that also can symbolize romance. The stems are usually prickly and their glossy, green leaves have toothed edges. Rose flowers have various sizes, shapes, and types.

Echeveria (Succulent)


Identic with desert plants, Echeveria is a part of succulent that is tolerant to drought. This fast-growing succulent has a unique appearance and low maintenance. They have stunning rosette shapes, plump leaves, and a large variety of colors resembling flowers.



Part of tropical plants, you can grow Hoya indoors that also can enhance the appearance and vibes. These evergreen perennial creepers often grow epiphytically on trees. 

And they bloom beautiful flowers typically star-shaped, with 5 thick, waxy, triangular petals, topped with another star-shaped structure.



Monstera is a popular houseplant that is perfect to put indoors or office. Besides can bring a good appearance, this houseplant also has low maintenance. And it is suitable for busy people or beginners.

Callisia repens 'Pink panther'


Callisia repens also called pink lady is a beautiful houseplant that is suitable to decorate your indoors. You can put them on a tabletop or hang them for efficiency and save space at home. Easy to maintain, a Pink Lady has attractive pink and light-grown stripe pattern leaves that grow compact and trailing.

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