Guide and How to Propagate Pothos - Easily!

Guide and How to Propagate Pothos - Easily! -- Pothos is the most popular and widely used ornamental plant. Also known as golden pothos, this plant is low maintenance, requires no special care, and is simple to water and fertilize. Growing and propagating it is simple. The entire procedure is outlined below:

Pothos propagation


Know this important fact before you begin propagating pothos. Pothos can be easily propagated in soil or water. A 4 - 6 inch long healthy and diseased plant cutting is required for propagation of this plant. Leave one or two nodes and a small pot, as well as a glass a jar or other container.

Pothos growing in water


Fill a glass har halfway with clean water and place the plant cuttings inside. Make sure the nods is completely submerged in water, as this will encourage the growth of new roots. You can keep the pothos in a location that receives direct sunlight. Avoid giving it afternoon light because it can burn the leaves. If you notice plant roots emerging, you can keep them in a glass of water or in the soil.

Pothos growing in soil 


The procedure is identical to growing pothos in water. Plant it in potting mix after dipping it in rooting hormone. Cover the nodes with soil to allow moisture to occur, and water sparingly. Roots for new plant growth will from in 30 - 4- days. Remove it from a location that receives direct sunlight.

Layering soil and spreading pothos


Layering is the process of laying down plant stems that grows from the mother plant's roots. This method is simple: find a long plant stem and bend it into another pot.  The best time to use this method is when it is humid and warm.

Pothos propagation errors


- Taking stems from the wrong location
- Inadequate lighting
- Not changing the water in the jar
- Allowing stem pieces to heal
- Lack of warmth 
- Slowly changing the growing medium
- Selecting damaged and old plat stems

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