7 Beautiful Colorful Houseplants that Can Dress Up Your Home

Homifine.com -- Plants with unique patterns and various colors are certainly an attraction for anyone who sees them. Apart from just collecting them, you can also make them as powerful room decorations. For some colorful plants that you can have, check out 7 Beautiful Colorful Houseplants that Can Dress Up Your Home.

Begonia Rex


A plant with a unique pattern is very attached to begonia rex. In addition, they also have diverse color combinations that you would never imagine. Have several varieties of begonia rex as a focal point for decorating each room.

Calathea Triostar


The beauty of calathea is that it has attractive colors. Among them are pink, green, beige, and red that appear randomly on each leaf. This plant will make your corner look attractive and elegant at the same time.

Hypoestes Phyllostachya


Have you ever seen this plant? Small leaves with beautiful colors can be an interesting option for you to have. Grow them thickly to cover the pot and let them show off their beauty to the fullest.



This purple-leaved plant has become popular for its beautiful patterns and easy maintenance. Place them in a bright area if you want to focus on the sharp purple color. Don't water them too much as this will cause them to rot. Plant it in a pot with good drainage.



Not just one type, you can have any type to give your space a colorful touch. They have a distinctive pattern with stiff leaves. Place it in a bright area of the room with indirect light to maintain its beautiful color.



Although usually used as garden plants, caladiums are now also widely available as house plants. The diversity of its species has its own charm and can make a room feel more alive. This plant also has easy growth and maintenance that doesn't need to be too intense.



As a shrub that can grow wildly, this coleus has leaves with beautiful colors and distinctive patterns. The beauty of the color of this coleus is one of the reasons many people make it a house plant. The maintenance is also not difficult, so you can have it easily until it becomes a dense small tree in the room.

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