7 Ideas for a Balcony Kitchen Garden to Stock Up

7 Ideas for a Balcony Kitchen Garden to Stock Up

Homiful.com -- If windowsills are typically used for kitchen planting ideas, consider switching to a balcony if the house has enough space and good lighting. Even fewer planter bags or container are sufficient. A single large container can be used to grow herbs, fruits, or vegetables. 
The following list contains every aspect of this concept.


Trellised urban kitchen garden 


Even on decks and balconies, the garden will continue to expand. Use iron media as a second trellis to support the plants' upward growth. This is a simple way to increase kitchen stock through planting.

For vegetable, use low and long modes


All types of vegetables can be grown in the yard with this kind of low plant bed structure. If necessary, support the vines with a stick so that they grow straight up. Use a single, long container to grow a variety of vegetables.

Vertical kitchen garden with buckets


Vegetable gardens that are vertically planter give an area the appearance of an urban jungle. This style of architecture can be used year-round and can conserve a lot of space.

Kitchen containers for a garden


In many yards or balconies, this style of arrangement is very prevalent. The amount of space saved for all kinds of vegetable plants will be maximized. Pick out different varieties of vegetables, like lettuce and cabbage, and incorporate some flowering vegetables, like mustard greens. This will make the balcony area appear vibrant and colorful.

Garden in the air with grid walls


Vegetables and ornamental plants are frequently planter using grid-wall planting techniques. Your balcony will become more streamlined as a result, and vegetables will grow more neatly and efficiently.

Plants growing vegetables in containers


Making planting involves using a rope divider to separate different plant types in a square model. More than three different types of plants may be grown in this container, according to the requirements of the home kitchen.

Herb miniature planting suggestions


Small herbaceous plants can be placed in this configuration on the balcony of the home to create more space. Additionally with ladder plants made from the same wooden stick used for hanging flowering plants.

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