Easy Methods for Growing Plants in Water

Easy Methods for Growing Plants in Water


Homifine.com -- If care is taken, plants can be planter in fertile soil. However, many people find it simple to propagate plants using the water method. Herbaceous plant cutting or plants in water can facilitate easier and faster root growth. THis is another method used by gardeners to increase the number of colorful plants.

Learn about the advantages of the water propagation technique


There are other options available if you are accustomed to planting seeds in soil. Minimizing the media in order to promote growth is a straight forward gardening technique. The method of water propagation has many benefits, including simple growth. Requires little room and allows for the observation of root development.

Method of water propagation


Water propagation is much simpler than soil propagation. Get ready a transparent container. like a jar, to hold plant cuttings. Pick a robust plant to add to the container. Remove any extra leaves and trim the plant stem about 6 inches from the base. To prevent plant stress or to allow the cuttings to concentrate on rooting, keep them in a space with a consistent temperature.

Your plants up


A windowsill is ideal for growing plants in water because it receives indirect lighting. In order to support plant growth and increase photosynthesis, 6 to 8 hours of lighting per day is ideal. Once or twice a week, change the water, adding water when it start to recede. After five days with various varieties, be sure to check the plant's roots. It probably takes 4 weeks to grow if you find the greatest number of roots in one container/

Keep mind that when the roots reach 1 inch, the plant needs to be moves to a container with a dry soil mixture. Pay close attention to lighting and watering.

The best aquatic plants for propagation


If you've chose to propagate plants in water. Be aware that not all plants can be propagated in this way; typically, tropical plants like coleus, begonia, pothos, or syngonium are simple to grow. Other ornamental plants, like tradescantia, peace lilies, snake plant and ZZ plants are available for water propagation.

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