7 Scary Plants that Look Similar Brains

7 Scary Plants that Look Similar Brains

Homifine.com -- Plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. There are some that, when examined closely, resemble brains. 7 Plants, believe it or not, are discussed in the following review. You haven't seen or confirmed what it looks like based on its animal-like shape.


Tremella Foliacea


This is a jelly mushroom plant with the unusual appearance of a brain. This mushroom is fan-shaped and usually yellow or orange in color. It has a consistent jelly-like appearance and texture, resembling  a bunch of lettuce and being brown in color.

Brain Cactus (Mammillaria elongata 'Cristata')


White hairs cover the protruding, indented surface. The brain cactus is one of the only plants that looks exactly like a brain. It can grow in arid areas but needs to keep the soil moist to avoid becoming too wet.

Euphorbia Lactea Cristata


Euphorbia is also known as a coral cactus or a large shape resembling a brain. This is a tall and narrow split plant. The leaves will develop into thick, large spines. It prefers dry soil with good drainage and grows on rocks.

Rainbow Burst Creast


Rainbow burst creast is the following succulent or cactus. Its leaves are shaped like edgy curves that parallel the cactus surface and resemble a human brain. It has numerous thorns in the tips of its leaves that serve as protection.

Cactus Cristata


Cactus cristata is the next cactus that looks like a human brain and grows with this stem. The sharp curves, as well as the surface of the leaves, are covered in silver hairs and a light green color.



THis cruciferous plants with white heads and dense buds is commonly used as a vegetable. This plant resemble a strange brain. I never imagined that this plant was on the list of plants that are similar to the human brain.

Cock Scomb


It is also known as the cockscomb plant and is a lovely plant for home garden beds. However, some people believe that this plant resembles a human brain. The variety is very interesting; it blooms in red, yellow, pink, white and orange.

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