7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style

Homifine.com -- Having a small bedroom can be difficult at times. We are so limited in our ability to design the perfect bedroom. The wrong steps will make the small space cramped and uncomfortable.

We are lucky enough because there are so many ideas to make a small bedroom have a big style. Your small bedroom can look and feel cozy, spare, and visually appealing. Let's take a look at these 7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style.

1. Make the most of the walls


Running out of space to beautify your bedroom? Take a look at your plain wall! It can be used to put up decorations. Install a well-organized hexagonal shelf with decorative items on it. A well-decorated wall looks amazing in a small bedroom without making the room look cramped.

2. Lay out soft furnishings


Soft furnishings such as a bedspread and rug will provide a sense of comfort and visual interest. Choose a bedding surface that complements the room's theme. To create a fresh tropical vibe, you can use a bedding in greenery pattern. A textured-rug outlined on the floor also gives a sense of warmth to the space.

3. Minimize window treatments


Make sure the bedroom gets enough natural light. It will make the small space brighter and look more spacious. Make sure the windows are not overtreated. Don't put anything heavy around the window. You can install a sheer to provide a warmer light in the bedroom.

4. Get stylish with plants


Go in a maximalist style with plant. You can make plants the bedmates by making them into bed curtains.  Choose plants that are good for bedroom -- those that produce fresh air at night without suffocating you. Find out more here: 7 of the best bedroom plants for a healthier space.

5. Use versatile white


White is a versatile color for small bedrooms. It gives the room a clean, spacious, and bright appearance. Choose a wooden floor like this one to make it less rigid. You can add patterns and plants to make the small bedroom more colorful in its minimalist style.

6. Add some contrast


Play with colors. You are free to use one color tone or even colors that clash but are still aesthetically pleasing. Add orange-pumpkin accents to small, bright bedroom that brighten up the space instantly.

7. Incorporating patterns


Patterns add visual interest to the space. You can use stripes or geometric patterns in a small bedroom. Use sparingly on soft furnishings. The same color scheme and patterns that are mixed and matched, even if placed close together, do not overwhelm a small bedroom.

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Author : Yeni
Editor : Munawaroh
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