7 Houseplants that Will Be Trendy in 2023

7 Houseplants that Will Be Trendy in 2023

Homifine.com -- Are you looking for popular ornamental plants in 2023? Filling the interior with green plants, on the other hand, can add aesthetic value and increased space decoration. The appearance of the house will also improve. You can choose from the following reviews for ornamental plants that will be popular this year;

Pachira Aquatica


This plant, which is thought to bring good luck, can help you create an attractive and functional home interior. This money tree is temperature and light level adaptable. Water and prune to help it grow and stay healthy.



Succulents are a plant that will never be boring to choose. This plant can go for days without being watered. This plant is simple to find and maintain. The windowsill is ideal for growing this plant.

Birds of Paradise Plant


It can grow as a tree up to 6 feet tall or more, making it an interesting plant for interior design. This plant can make a room appear tropical and is best suited for rooms with high ceilings.

Alocasia Black Velvet


Alocasia black velvet is an ornamental plant that you can choose for 2023 that will look nice as a decoration. This plant thrives in direct light between light and bright, with black leaves with a little velvet and prominent white veins.

Philodendron Red Imperial


This imperial red philodendron is gaining popularity as the popular plant of 2023. A plant with a rich burgundy color that almost becomes dark green with age. It grows well in direct, dappled, or indirect sunlight. Watering should be done every one to two weeks.

Stromanthe Triostar


This calathea plant with dark, variegated leaves is easy to grow indoors and tolerates more light. The prominent, lively-looking leaves are ideal for bright, clean environments. 



The palm is an excellent choice for easy-to-grow indoors plants. This indoor-outdoor plant is tough and hardy in all weather conditions. This palm is an excellent choice for ornamental plants that will be popular in 2023. You can place it in a location that receives the most sunlight and provide adequate but not excessive watering.

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