8 Reasons to Grow Beautyberry in Your Backyard

Homifine.com --It's time to grow something new in your backyard garden. Greenery and flowering plants aren't the only options. Choose Beautyberry if you want a splash of vibrant green and adorable fruits.

Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) are a dedicous shrubs that produce purple berry cluster in late summer. These berries attract wildlife, such as birds. You can even make jam or jelly out of the berries.

Here are 8 reasons to grow beutyberry in your backyard.

1. Easy-to-grow shrubs plants


The beautyberry is a hardy plant. It grows well in many climates, from warm areas like Florida to New York. The plant also thrive in tropical zones like Southeast Asia. This berry plant is drought-tolerant. You can grow it in partial or full shade. With proper care, it will grow lush and make your backyard more shady.

2. Wonderful plant that adds colors


The beautyberry is a showy plant. It will bloom lovely little flowers before fruiting. The plant then produces clusters of purple berries that steal the show in late summer. The purple hue is so intense and colors up the backyard landscape in such a unique and beautiful way.

3. Inviting visitors to your backyard


The American beautyberry is native of the United States. It attracts birds and squirrels to your garden in the backyard. Butterflies may be drawn to the flowers. It can also be used as food treat if you have chickens in your backyard. That way, your backyard will feel so lively.

4. Natural insect reppelent


Beautyberry leaves contain the phenolic compound callicarpenol, which repels insects like mosquitoes, ants, and ticks. Just pick a few leaves and apply them to your skin. You'll be able to avoid mosquitoes and other insects in the backyard this way.

5. Tantalizing fruit


Callicarpa americana produces purple berry cluster that birds and other pollinators love. This plant is also edible for people, especially when processed into tasty jelly and jam. The berry flavor is bland to sweet and juicy, making it good for an early fall snack.

6. Adding structure to the backyard garden


The beauty berry is a deciduous shrub with berry clusters that bear fruit in late summer to early fall, last until early winter. This plant grows from 3 to 6 feet wide and tall. In late summer, the showy berries on the shrubs will make your backyard structure more shady and have a little fresh tropical vibe.

7. Pest-free berries


The purple beautyberry will give a fresh and fun statement in your backyard. It is quite drought tolerant, but don't let the soil dry out for too long as it can make it suffer. This plant is very tolerant of pests, especially honey mold.

8. Roots that prevent erosion


If you live in area prone to erosion, consider planting the beautyberry. Its roots will help improve loose soil. The roots also prevent erosion to happen.

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