When and How to Water Jade Plants to Keep them Alive

When and How to Water Jade Plants to Keep them Alive

Homifine.com -- The jade plant, also known as crassula ovata, is a succulent with a tiny tree that looks adorable. This plant has green oval leaves and a small wooden stem. 

This plant has thick fleshed leaves that store a lot of water. It can reach a height of 6 to 8 inches and takes a long time to mature. Learn about its upkeep and how to properly water it to keep this plant alive.

Jade plant watering


The first rule to remember is to avoid overwatering jade plants, whether they are indoors or outdoors. THis is not an indoor plant that needs to be watered twice a week. Succulent are plants that can tolerate dry soil and keep it moist at all time. 

Watering is only necessary when the soil is completely dry. If necessary, use a moisture meter. Another option is to poke chopsticks into the planting medium to determine the level of soil saturation.

When and how is the jade plant going to die?


The jade plant is a drought-tolerant succulent tree that requires dry soil between waterings. It has a watering frequency that must be taken into account. Is it necessary to water it once a week or more frequently?

Pay attention to whether the plant appears lethargic and thirsty again as one of the ways to water the jade plant.

Other factors include the season, whether, growing conditions, and whether the plant is kept in the shade, sun, or direct sunlight.

Jade plant grown in large containers can absorb more soil and survive for days without water than those grown in small, root-clogged containers.

Weekly check the plant's moisture level and water when the soil appears dry. THis plant can go months without water.

Aside from a lack of water, the following factors can harm jade plants:


- Using a containers that is too small, allowing the soil to dry out too quickly\

- Temperature and humidity in the climate

- The soil's ability to retain moisture

- Leaves that dry and fall off, and make sure the water is not too hot or cold

How to water jade plants properly


It is necessary to consider watering jade plants. Watering from above can cause pests to attack the leaves due to water spots. Use public tap water that has been chlorine-freeed instead of hard water. Avoid obscuring leaves that are useless to succulents.

Because the jade plant seals water within its leaves and stems. It generates plant stomata at night and regulates water transpiration form the leaves.

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