7 Air Purifying Houseplants That Are Easy to Keep Alive

Homifine.com -- Increasing pollution production makes you need to be vigilant and take care of your health, especially your breathing. Not only on the streets, pollution is also found in objects around you such as in the interior of the house which is contained in paint, furniture, cement, and many other items that you unknowingly emit pollutants that can interfere with your air quality. 

One way to overcome this is by presenting air purifying plants. Some of the following plants are options from various other plants which are easy to care for. For some types you can have at home, check out 7 Air Purifying Houseplants That Are Easy to Keep Alive.



Besides being able to clean the air around it, dracaena is also one of the plants with a beautiful structure for decoration. The tall stem with leaves at the end of this stem makes it appear more unique and simple. You can have a large size and place it in the corner of an empty room to make the space feel more alive.

Golden Pothos


This one plant is known to be effective as a natural pollutant cleaner for your room. In addition, the ease of planting and maintenance is also the superiority of this plant, so many people choose to have it. Not only in pots, you can also plant it in a vase filled with water.

Snake Plant


Who does not know the toughness of this one plant. Snake plant is one of the succulent families with leaves that are stiff and have a distinctive pattern. Even if neglected, this plant survives very well. Many people place it in the bedroom as an air purifier so that the quality of rest is better.

Spider Plant


The combination of white and green in this spider plant is the best for refreshing the eyes. They are also known to help with recovery from illness because these plants can balance the humidity in a room. They are also easy to care for and they can survive in dim areas of the house.



Do you recognize this one plant? Of course you are very familiar with the unique leaf appearance it has. Who would have thought that apart from having a beautiful appearance, Monstera is also an air purifying plant with very easy maintenance. So it's worth it when you buy it at a rather expensive price.

Rubber Plant


Rubber plants that usually live in forests with large sizes are now starting to be widely owned as house plants that have smaller sizes. Of course they have very easy maintenance and can even be said to be independent plants. The wide and stiff leaves make your space look cleaner.

Boston Fern


The last plant you can have is boston fern. This family of ferns has leaves that grow densely when placed in the right area. This plant is very suitable for indoor areas because it has a dimmer light and has high humidity.

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