A Plant that Looks Like a Lucky Bamboo


A Plant that Looks Like a Lucky Bamboo

Homifine.com -- Make more for the house with plants that resemble lucky bamboo. Thisa plant, with a tropical touch of fresh green color, will bring positive energy and prosperity into the home. You can choose between tall, slim, and curly. Check out A Plant that Looks Like a Lucky Bamboo.

Umbrella Plant


A bamboo with golden stems and bright green leaves. With a thick green stem that resembles an umbrella, you can plant this umbrella bamboo in your yard or inside your home.

Bamboo Palm


The botanical name for this bamboo palm is dypsis lutescens. It's tall, slender, year-round size can grow up to 15 feet tall. The long dark green leaves ae so gratefully curved that they resemble lucky bamboo.

Buddha Bamboo


Buddhist bamboo is another species that resembles lucky bamboo. The plant is native to Southeast Asia and grows to a height of 60 feet.



Horsetail is a type of fern known for its long, bright green bamboo-like stem. Grows up to 3 feet tall, which is comparable to other types of bamboo. 

Heavenly Bamboo


This East Asia paradise bamboo is a long-stemmed bush with bright green and shiny foliage. The plant has small white and pink flowers that are clustered.

Parlor Palm


Parlor palm is a plant that resembles a small and slow-growing lucky bamboo. With its slender size and green color, it resembles a bamboo palm. This plant is frequently used as an indoor tropical plant and in other interior settings.

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