7 Best Terrarium Plants for Greenery and Low Maintenance

7 Best Terrarium Plants for Greenery and Low Maintenance

Homifine.com -- There will most likely by many questions about how to make a terrarium for inexperienced gardeners. The terrarium, as it is known, is a miniature garden with glass containers that can be filled with succulent plants, pebbles, and Moss. Kind of plants for terrarium are plentiful and fantastic for beginners. There are numerous list of terrariums with festive and diverse fillings. Plants for the terrarium can be found in the following review.

Pilea Cadierei


The aluminum plant is native to Vietnam and prefers low light and warm temperatures. It thrives in closed terrariums with a humid atmosphere. The leaves have a beautiful iridescent white sign that shines. This plant is simple to propagate by cutting it into small pieces and planting them directly in the ground.



Meanwhile, ptohos, a popular vine for decorating indoor plants, can look stunning in a terrarium. The plant has a good reputation and is difficult to eradicate. With low light and little watering, it looks good for many years.

Button fern


The button fern is a fascinating New Zealand plant. Dry soil can be tolerated with an elegant, drought-resistant plant and a little weekly watering. Because of its unique shape and attractive dense green leaves, it is ideal for filling terrariums.

Soleirolia Soleirolii


This tiny plant, also known as a baby tear, is an intriguing angel water for terrariums and entire gardens. Its cultivation is simple and well-managed. It requires consistent bright light and regular watering.

Polka dot plants


This is such a lovely and cheerful plant. The polka dot plant comes in pink, red, and silver colors and requires little maintenance unless it grows too tall. With regular watering in spring and summer, moderate, bright light does not immediately favor this plant.



There are about 200 peperomia cultivars, one of which is peperomia capertata, which has green leaves and a red blush. This plant grows slowly, but it thrives in a humid, warm terrarium. Because of the silver color tinge, it is suitable for terrariums.



Aerial plants do not require soil to grow because they can grow and attach to other surfaces, Wood, like stone, can survive. The plant prefers open terrariums with a moderate humidity level. This plant enjoys soaking as well as varying watering.


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