7 Easy Flowers for Beginners to Grow in the Garden

Homifine.com -- There is something magical about flowers. Flowers give beauty wherever they are grown. Walking through the garden and admiring the blossom can be both healing and calming. To color up your garden with flowers, make sure you choose flowers that bloom easily. Beautify your garden with these 7 easy flowers for beginners to grow in the garden listed below!

Petunia and Verbena


Petunias and verbena are annual flowers. These two flowers have a wide range of colors, but you can plant them in one planter. Purple petunias and verbena will give the garden a beautiful hue. These two flowers bloom best in direct sunlight. The soil must be well drained to produce lovely flowers for the summer or spring.


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Bougainvillea is a popular flower in warm zones like Brazil, Greece, and other parts of the world. Bougainvillea is a flower that blooms all year in some areas. This plant can be grown into a tree with beautiful bloom. It can trail above the pergola frame or be planted directly in front of the entrance to provide natural shade.

Morning glory


Morning glory is a flowering vine that produces funnel-shaped flowers that open wide. The beautiful flowers unfurl in the morning and then furl at sunset. The purple, blue, and white flowers attract bees and butterflies to liven up your garden. Plant them in a sunny spot to keep the morning glory happy.

Larkspur flower


Larkspur grows stems with blue or pink flowers. Growing larkspur flowers is the same as inviting a flying visitor to your garden. The butterflies and hummingbirds love the larkspur flower. You can grow this flower in full sun for zones 3 to 7, and it will also grow 2-8 feet tall.

Allium flower along the path


Beautify the sides of your garden path with alliums. Allium grow well in full sun and will produce clusters of purplish flowers in a stemmed ball. The flowers will bloom from late spring to early summer. As a perennial plant, the flowers will bloom again during the spring.



Honeysuckle is a twinning vine that produces clusters of small flowers. When the flowers bloom, they emit a very fragrant scent. This flower plant grows easily in full-sun yard; however, some honeysuckles types are invasive plants that defeat native plants. If you want to plant it, choose wisely.

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