7 Best Plants to Improve the Look of Your Living Room

7 Best Plants to Improve the Look of Your Living Room

Homifine.com -- The living room is the first room in the house and is the most frequently visited. Furthemore, the living room is an important area that requires beautiful and appealing decorations. Decoration does not always have to be with furniture or wall hangings; you can make your living room fresh by using ornamental plants. With the following seven options, you can find the ideal type of plant for your living room to make it more beautiful.

Bamboo palm


Bamboo palm is the best plant to use as a living room decoration. The plant grows tall and has colorful leaves. Tropical plants can be grown indoors with little effort. You must place it in a location that receives partial sun and receives light watering.



The philodendron is a long and very suitable vine for the living room. This plant comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and varieties. Up to 6 feet tall, low maintenance, and appropriate for beginners. This plant is ideal for those who do not have a lot of time to devote to gardening.

English Ivy


Another plant that grows creeping and requires little care is english ivy. English ivy is suitable for beginners and should be planter on a wall or window sill.



Pothos is a vine with heart-shaped leaves in a variety of colors that will add interest to your living room. This pothos can grow with neglect due to its ease of care and belongs to the plants that are difficult to kill.

Peace lily


Peace lily is a lovely flower plant that always comes with this white spathe. These peace lilies requires little maintenance and do not require a lot of water. It can even be left for weeks without issue. The plant tolerates low lighting and thrives indoors.

Chinese Evergreen


This plant is ideal for a room that does not receive a lot of sunlight. This Chinese evergreen, also known as aglaonema, grows quickly and requires little care. You can prune them to keep them healthy and looking good.

Ficus tree


The following is the best ficus tree for making a tropical impression in the living room. This ficus tree, which requires moderate sunlight and is easy to care for, will look great in the corner of your room. Other types of hanging plants can be used to liven up the space.


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