Plant Pointy Succulents - Various kinds of succulents in the world make us free to choose the types that we plant at home. Besides having mini and cute shapes, you can see the pointy or sharp succulents. Are you curious? Then look at these Plant Pointy Succulents. Check it out!

Pointy succulents


Pointy succulent is distinctive succulent types that are perfect for your collection. The leaves can be arranged in a rosette form, in a spiral, or even in a fan type of structure. And sometimes, the leaves are also similar to grass in the way they grow and their shape.



In planting pointy succulents, you can pay attention to the following tips:

  • Loosen the root ball by gently squeezing it on the pot to help remove the plant more easily. And get carefully slide or shimmy out of the container to avoid the spines with your fingers.
  • Break down the root ball to fit into your pot. It will not hurt the plants.

  • Put the little dirt into the pot and place the plant in it. Use a root ball to handle the sharp and lightly drop them into the container.
  • You can use a screwdriver to help get the plant in position and pack the dirt in. Besides a screwdriver, you can use a long stick or tongs for efficiency.
  • Dust off the pot and plants with a brush and finish with rocks.



Water the pointy succulent in a half as much as normal. And you can water again this pointy succulent while the soil is dry. Get enough of the soil moist but avoid the get them in wet soil. Place this pointy succulent in bright light for good growth.  If you plant the pointy succulent in no drain holes, it's okay. But, some of us get nervous about rot. So, you can make drill a drain hole in a pot.

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