Smart Design Ideas for Kitchen and Dining Area -- Time has become so precious that a term has emerged that time is money. That's probably the idea behind this topic. The kitchen area that is made adjacent to the dining room will certainly make the owner more time efficient when wanting to prepare dishes that have been cooked from the kitchen to the dining table. For some design and decorating ideas for this adjacent kitchen and dining area, check out Smart Design Ideas for Kitchen and Dining Area.

Industrial touch for dining area


With natural color choices and large windows, this room has a distinct Scandinavian style. However, the dining table area appears to have a unique and stylish flair. The black on the chair and the chandelier has an industrial style that appears to blend well with the surrounding interior. This will provide elements that can be used to refresh the appearance of the room.

L-Shaped layout kitchen table


This L-shaped kitchen arrangement will make you feel more comfortable and free by providing a large space for doing activities. The remaining space can also be used to position the dining table more comfortably and attractively. However, don't put the dining table too close to the kitchen table so that it interferes with cooking access.

Small kitchen and dining area


Choosing the right color makes this small kitchen look more beautiful and clean. The dining room area is placed outside the kitchen area but still close together. The use of a dining table with a round model can maximize arrangement at various angles more flexibly. You can try it in a small room in your house.

Large window for less stuffy


A large window design can create the illusion of a larger and brighter room. According to the design of the kitchen and dining table on this one. The neat arrangement of each area contributes to the overall appearance.

Minimalist furniture


This kitchen and dining room uses furniture with a minimalist and sleek design for its small space so that it can maximize its function even in a small space. Adding plants to add a touch of freshness will be the best way to decorate this area.

Add mini bar as dining table


You can use kitchen design ideas like this one to save more space. Aside from the kitchen table, consider adding a small table connected to the kitchen to serve as a dining table area. Add some chairs that can be adjusted based on their size.





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