7 Houseplant that Can Survive Cold Temperatures

Homifine.com -- Generally, house plants can survive temperatures that are neither too low nor too high. However, sometimes you have to face certain temperatures that make your plants have to survive, including cold temperatures. Some of these plants are known to survive well at low temperatures in the house. For some plants you can grow, check out 7 Houseplants that Can Survive Cold Temperatures.



Monstera is a popular house plant due to its distinctive leaf appearance. Monstera not only has finger leaves, but also a variety of other unique leaves. They also come from areas with low humidity and temperatures, so if you keep them at low temperatures, they should last a long time.

Ficus Lyrata


This large leaf plant will make an attractive room decoration. Furthermore, this ficus lyrata is a plant that can clean the air and improve its quality by removing pollutants. Even though they can withstand low temperatures, keep an eye on the humidity to prevent the leaves from drying out and wilting.

Maidenhair Fern


In general, ferns prefer damp areas with cool temperatures, one of which is this maidenhair. The unique leaves are able to give an interesting touch to the room. Give regular watering but also make sure it has good drainage to keep it growing healthily.

Cast Iron Plant


Even though it appears normal, this is a powerful plant because it is difficult to kill. Its leaf structure is also known for its ability to withstand high temperatures. Plant in pots with moist, well-drained soil to prevent water stagnation when watering.

Aloe Vera


A plant with various benefits that you can get is one that can survive low temperatures. Aloe vera is also easy to grow and has thick, serrated leaves. If you have it, you will get many unexpected benefits.

Snake Plant


There is no doubt about its ability to survive in various conditions, so many people are interested in owning this house plant. The hard leaves make it look neater and cleaner for your room. Not only that, this plant is also known to clean the air well.

Zz Plant


Good cold tolerance makes this plant one of the few that thrives well in cold winters. Neat leaves in a dark color will give a dramatic touch to your room. This plant is also categorized as a plant that has easy care and can survive in dim areas.

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