7 Beautiful Flowers that Will Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

7 Beautiful Flowers that Will Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Homifine.com -- Flowers add color, beauty, and a wonderful scent to any  garden or home. Not only that, but you're hoping for them to bloom together. Choosing the right flowers is also important in order for it to be a gift and a lucky charm for all creatures. Even fragrant flowers will attract butterflies and other birds. Here are the top seven best flowers for butterflies to make your garden more festive and fantastic.



A type of onion plant produces this large, brightly colored flower. Its subtle scent will keep deer and other moths away. This flower, as a preferred pollinator, requires well-drained soil and full sun.

Butterfly Bush


This lush purple flower is a butterfly favorite. This plant, which is now classified as invasive in some states, is a shrub cultivar that butterflies adore. This plant will not spread into the surrounding area with new seeds. It thrives in fertile, well-drained soil with plenty of light. Remove any dead flowers to keep the flowers vibrant.

Cone Flowers


The coneflowers is a beautiful flower that also attracts pollinators. With its orange, yellow, and pink colors and distinct cone-shaped center, this plant is a favorite of butterflies. These coneflowers thrive in areas with good drainage, full sun, and tolerance to drought.



This blue-colored, calming-scented plant is better for providing a sense of calm. Furthemore, its purple flowers and attractive stems will attract as much purple as possible to your garden. Lavender attracts all pollinating animals, increasing the number of bees in your yard. Prefers dry soil with low humidity and regular watering.



Because it is only eaten caterpillars, it is critical to the monarch butterfly's survival. Planting milkweed species should be done with caution. Tropical milkweed will have an impact on monarch butterfly migration patterns.



A butterfly favorite that grows in zones 3 - 9, it's also easy to care for. It prefers full sun and can be planted in dry soil. It attracts a lot of sunlight to your garden and is also deer resistant.



It's no surprise that butterflies adore their cheerful pink and purple blooms. This full-sun, dry plant will keep your yard alive for years.

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