7 Landscape Architecture and Garden Design Across The World

 Homifine.com - The architecture of landscaping is important to create a cozy place in a spacious yard. You can create many spots in this area like a patio, pool, garden, and more. Look at these 7 Landscape Architecture and Garden Design Across The World. Check it out!

Patio and playground in the backyard


A yard that covers with cement on one side, and other by growing grass make it perfect for an enjoyable spot. You can create a patio in the corner area with a deck as the floor. Then, make the grass area use for the playground by putting kids' stuff. To increase the fresh nuance, grow plants in the planter box that was created along the fenced area.

Pretty pathway design for garden landscaping


Besides growing grass for your empty yard, you can cover them with cast or cement pathways. Make the pathway create a pretty design by using geometrical shapes for a different style. Then, you can grow plants at the side of pathways to provide stunning landscapes.

Fill more colorful flowers and plants in your landscape


If you lack a yard in your home and the ground was covered with cast maybe this way you can try it on yourself. Make the box planter to grow plants or put potted plants for the landscaping design. Use colorful flowers of plants that combine with greenery for stunning garden landscaping.

Sunken courtyard garden and blossom style


Do you have a yard that is surrounded by high walls? It can make the yard not bathed with the sun all day long. Especially the condition is sunken. Don't worry, you can use a sunken garden design for this landscaping idea. Like the picture, you can use the stair concept to create the landscaping. And make the wise for the architecture in this landscape. Make sure to grow the plants in right place according to the light of the sun.

Matching landscape architecture between stuff and plants


Be it a small or large yard, you can make the right design for landscape architecture. The important thing is to make sure to get matching the stuff and plants in this landscape to get elegant vibes. Not all the items, I mean just some of the stuff and plants. Believe me, it will increase your garden landscaping when entering this spot and make spend more time relaxing.

Good arrangement for garden landscape architecture


Getting ideas to make gardening for landscape architecture. You can make good arrangements for this garden landscaping that also makes it easy to maintain the garden. Make a grouping of this landscape architecture by the types, high, color, care, color, and other.

Green and white equipped with a fountain in landscape design


Using the hues concept to set up the landscape can provide stunning and eye-catching. Like combining the green and white colors for example. The green comes from the tree or greenery. And the white comes from the flowers. Complete the design of this garden landscaping by creating the mini pool with a fountain. It will make your landscape feel a soothing atmosphere with the sound of a flowing fountain.

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