How to Grow a Huge Poinsettia Like a Tree

How to Grow a Huge Poinsettia Like a Tree -- Poinsettias, as is well known, are not only popular around the holidays. However, with proper care, poinsettia can become a tropical plant that can grow in pots. In its natural habitat, the poinsettia grows to be a small tree 10 to  15 feet tall. Follow these steps to learn tips and tricks for growing poinsettias to be as big as trees:

Select the appropriate poinsettia


Not all poinsettia varieties can grow tall enough to be  planted in a tree. We recommend strong and large trees, 'Prestige Maroon', 'Freedom White', 'Santa Claus Pink', 'Vision of Grandeur, and 'Viking Red' as tall poinsettia. 

How to grow a poinsettia tree

1. Use the proper pot


Make sure the poinsettia is in the shape of a tree. You can make it bigger  and taller by using a container measuring  to 12 inches. Poinsettia growth will be slowed by storing them in small pots. In warmer climates, naming it on the ground is an excellent way to make  a big impression.

2. Making use of gibberellic acid


According to research, gibberellic acid can stimulate the extension of cell division in poinsettia. Farmers frequently use it to promote plant growth. To make significant changes, use a higher concentration (50 ppm). This acid can be used for watering for 4 - 6 weeks.

3. Provide sunlight 


This plant must be displayed in the proper light. It is critical to provide direct sunlight to its growth for at least 6 hours per day. Avoid giving it afternoon sunlight because it can burn the leaves.

4. Carry out pruning


Take proper care of your poinsettia to help it grow as tall as a tree. Keep only one trunk and cut off all side branches. Remove the axillary branches and the underside of the leaves to concentrate the energy on one of the tall and strong stems.

How to care for a poinsettia tree


- Keep poinsettias out of direct sunlight for at least 5 - 6 hours
-Do not remove this plant in the afternoon sun
- Instead of garden soil, use light, well-drained peat soil mixtures
- Only water when the topsoil is dry. Watering should be done sparingly in order to prevent root rot and death.

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