How To Care Aglaonema anyamanee 'Lady Valentine' - Aglaonema is a popular houseplant that can mostly be found in the home or office. This houseplant is durable and fairly adaptable, perfect for a beginner or lazy person. For more information, you can see How To Care Aglaonema anyamanee 'Lady Valentine'. Let's check it out!



Aglaonema can grow well in medium to low light and indirect sunlight. This houseplant also tolerates fluorescent lighting. Don't place Aglaonema in bright, direct sunlight, it will burn the leaves.



Tolerant with less water, you can water Aglaonema when the topsoil dries. Water this houseplant slowly and moderately from above. Allow the water to soak through to the roots. If you want clean and stunning Aglaonema, clean the leaves with a soft and damp cloth. During winter, try to reduce watering this houseplant.

Temperature and humidity


Put Aglaonema in an area with a temperature between 60 and 77 F. Keep away the houseplant from drafts and cold. And Aglaonema prefers higher humidity (75 percent or above).



As with other houseplants, Aglaonema also needs repotting to grow well. You can do repotting when you see the roots have become overgrown or the soil loose. Repotting this houseplant with well-draining soil, rich, or mix potting soil. And you can choose a pot larger than before to let the Aglaonema reach up.

Issues and toxicity


If the leaves of Aglaonema turned brown and withered, it means they underwatering. And this houseplant is also toxic for pets. If ingested, the pets with get harmful reactions.

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