7 Stunning Small Backyard Houses

Homifine.com -- Enhance your backyard design by adding a small house unit there. A backyard house can provide you with additional cozy outdoor space. We can use it a a relaxing retreat or a playground for the kids. Arranging it well will make the backyard house a plus point in your backyard landscaping. Here are 7 Stunning Small Backyard Houses.

Shades of white for a small backyard house

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You can build a backyard house with wooden materials. You can coat it with white paint for a lovely look. Make it accessible, especially in the summer. Fill it with comfortable couches for a relaxing summer vacation in the backyard.

'Me shade' with unique shape

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There are many names for a small backyard house. It could be ''she shed'' or ''me shed.'' It's a dedicated space outside your home where you can work, do your hobbies or just relaxing. When you don't feel like being, come here to find new inspiration.

Small backyard house with farmhouse vibes

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Build a small backyard in a style that you love. That might be a wooden house with a chic farmhouse style. With a bright and soothing blue color. Adding beautiful hanging plants will elevate this small backyard house.

Summerhouse in the backyard

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If you're thinking of ideas to upgrade your backyard garden, think of a small summerhouse. A summer house like this is a great place for you to write, read, chat, and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the rain or the painfully intense sun. Made with glass windows all around, allowing you to see the garden freely.

Small backyard house with loft idea

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A small backyard house can be an extension of your living space, but outside of your main residence. It can be used as a guest area. Make it simple, but have something unique and welcoming. This backyard house has a living room and stairs to access the loft bedroom. With warm lighting, this backyard home is so inviting.

Stylish small backyard house

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Escape from your busy life to this small backyard house. It has a small but sturdy design with black and white shades that look stylish. The floor is raised to keep the inside of the backyard house clean and dust-free. Bring a comfortable sofa and movable chairs to help you relax and unwind.

Small backyard house and garden

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You are free to use a small backyard house. It can be used to organize your gardening tools, but it would be better if you include a small seating area where you can occasionally relax while taking care of the plants in the backyard garden.

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