Six Pet-Friendly Houseplants -- As a lover of animals and plants at the same time, of course you will be very worried if one of them is dangerous. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the selection of pet-friendly plants so that you can maximize the comfort of your pets and keep them away from the risk of poisoning due to plants that are not safe for them. For some plants you can have with your pets, check out Six Pet-Friendly Houseplants.

Venus Flytrap


This carnivorous plant does have a unique and slightly creepy appearance. Even though they are carnivores, these plants will not harm your pets. They will actually create room comfort because they will avoid flies and insects that are eaten by this Venus Flytrap. As well as being safe for pets, these plants are also overall very safe for humans.



According to the ASPCA, peperomias are one of the safest plants for pets because they are non-toxic. Apart from that, peperomia is also one of the easy-care plants that you can have more easily, even for beginners.



The beautifully patterned leaves of this calathea will be the main attraction for a fresh and impressive room decoration. You can place it anywhere with partial light to maximize its growth. Don't worry about your cat or dog, because Calathea is non-toxic.



Rattlesnakes are also one of the calathea varieties that are safe for your pets. The leaves of this rattlesnake have a more oblong shape with a characteristic calathea pattern. They would make an elegant countertop and cabinet display.

Spider Plant


Apart from being known as a plant that is easy to care for and useful as a powerful air purifier, spider plants are also recommended to have even if you have pets because in general they are safe for cats and dogs.



Even though it is basically non-toxic, the placement of hoya, which is mostly used as a hanging plant, will make it difficult for your pet to reach it. This plant is also able to produce flowers with a distinctive aroma. You can have it as a room fragrance with a soft smell.





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