Amazing Landscape Ideas for Saving Water and Drought Tolerance

Amazing Landscape Ideas for Saving Water and Drought Tolerance -- Make a creative and one-of-a-kind home landscape. The backyard or in front of the house becomes an important part of creating a plant-filled landscape. Perhaps will not have to worry about watering during the winter. During the dry season, things are different. Many plants lack water, despite the fact that some plants thrive in dry conditions. As a result, you may be able to learn some ideas for making your home landscaping more creative and interesting.

Planting parking lots 


The space between the roads is known as the hell lane because it is hot and dry. If the design is correct, it will create a lush oasis. Use plants that grow well outside, such as ornamental grasses. These plants will make your garden paths look tropical and catch rainwater. This method can also reduce erosion and save water.

Include water features


Including a water feature or pond in landscaping is not the first that is done, but it is not uncommon. This design is useful for enabling landscape design with water recycling. Which creates a striking impression. You can create a fountain feature to keep the landscape cool and free of heat.

Choose porous garden paths


To create a complete landscape, you can use a porous material for the path. Using cement mortar or paving blocks that allow water to seep into the soil. Furthermore, mulch or ornamental grasses around it can help reduce water dryness.

Design of water slope


One of the challenges for water runoff management is having land with a steep slope. A large stone, cover, and strong plant beds can be used as a solution. Create in every nook and cranny of the landscape to combat erosion tolerance and water loss.

Make a groundcover


Land cover with live mulch can reduce evaporation and tolerate water scarcity. Make it look like a ladder, or build raised walkways and beds to reduce water loss. Tuck water-hardy plants like thyme and sedum around landscaping and rocks.

Choose plants based on their water requirements


The simplest way to create a drought-resistant landscape is to select a plant that does not require much water and thrives in the outdoors. Plants like lavender, dracaena, and palm can tolerate water, but make sure to water them according to their needs at the same time.

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