Stunning Small Apartment Ideas with Bohemian Style -- Applying a certain style to the house is indeed able to give an inherent character and make the house have its own aesthetics for anyone who looks at it. One style that is always popular is bohemian. Not only for houses with a large size, you can also apply the bohemian look to your apartment that even has a small size and make it look more awesome. For ideas that you can replicate, check out Stunning Small Apartment Ideas with Bohemian Style.

Living room area

Living room is an important thing to present even if you only have a small space. The existence of this living room can help you to facilitate guests comfortably and you can use it as a relaxing area when you are alone. 

This living room area of this apartment is still decorated with typical bohemian details such as macrame on the wall, dried flowers on the vase, and also sofa cushions with distinctive knits that make it look impressive even in a small space.

Simple dining table

For the part adjacent to the living room, there is a dining table with furniture that has a simpler style so that it does not take up too much space and also makes the room look spacious. On the wall area nearby is also equipped with a television that becomes a living room facility as well as a dining room.

Small kitchen area

The right kitchen design makes it look cozy and spacious even though it is actually in a limited space. The choice of the dominant white color in the kitchen set is also an advantage that makes the kitchen look clean, neat, and bright. This kitchen is also equipped with a skylight roof which also functions as a window that can maximize air circulation so that it is not stuffy.

Bedroom with bohemian look

This bedroom has a small area that is nonetheless well-decorated using interesting bohemian touches. Some hanging decorations make it look more lively and will accompany your rest more comfortably and not feel boring.

Add skylight roof

Besides the kitchen, the bedroom area is also equipped with a skylight roof that allows the owner to feel the best air that can provide quality rest. In order not to be disturbed by the skylight, additional curtains will be an interesting choice to apply.





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