Charming Decorating Ideas filled with Plants to Lift Your Mood -- Plants are a great way to bring natural beauty into the home. Some plants are also effective at purifying the air. A room with plants can also be an updated style that gives you a sense of comfort and freshness. To decorate a space with plants, here are some charming decorating ideas filled with plants to lift your mood.

Just white and green setting


Go minimalist and simple! You can set up your living room with an all-white scheme like this. Incorporate natural green elements through plants. Plants add a splash of color and liven things up. It gives a classic yet fresh look that make you feel comfortable.

A vibrant Boho space with plants


Boho style allows you to place anything in the room. It might have seating with stacked throws and rustic decor. However, the room feel more alive with plants. It doesn't matter to pick a large plant in the room, the plant will add a big, fresh statement into the room. More hanging plants to elevate the spirit of nature into the room.

Let it grow vines on the wall


Combine plants with the interior setting. Don't just put it down! It is a great idea to allow vines, such as pothos plant to grow trailing on a window sill or a vine hanging beautifully close to a wall. This gives the room a fun indoor jungle vibe.

Simple but lively arrangement


For those of you who prefer order, consider this lovely dining room idea. Place chairs and dining table on near a special shelf that neatly display an indoor plant collection. That way, the dining area still looks lively and fresh without looking too crowded and filling up the space.

Best combo of plants and pet


Plants and pets are a great combo to bring happiness at home. Make sure you choose indoor plants that are pet-friendly. Organize the plants in your style. You can use plants to fill empty spots like in the picture. The white scheme with green leaves complements the interior beautifully.

Green decor ideas for the bedroom


Bring a touch of greenery into the bedroom. Do it in a minimalist but impactful way. You can place plants on the nightstand and floating shelves above the headboard bed. Make sure the shelves are sturdy to minimize the risk of falling into the mattress.

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