How to Plant a Coleus as a Houseplant | Indoor Growing

How to Plant a Coleus as a Houseplant | Indoor Growing -- Is it true that coleus can be grown as an ornamental plant indoors? Naturally, it is. Coleus plants, which typically grow outdoors, can be grown as annuals with vibrant and colorful leaves. Growing coleus is an excellent way to keep the room interesting and colorful. One of the best places to tempt is on the veranda terrace, balcony, or in section of the room. Learn how to plant it in the following tips.

Select the best coleus varieties


The plant, which has over 60 subspecies, is native to Asia. You can choose between types like wizard mix and henna to make it the best house plant. There are many different types, including black dragons, trailing plums, rustic orange, and many more.

As a houseplant, select the appropriate pot size


The plant's size can be adjusted to fit the size of the existing pot. A container the same size as the plant or a size of 5 to 8 inches is plenty. In addition to pots and plant shelves, hanging basket are an interesting option.

How to grow coleus


Cut stems along 5 - 6 inches right knotted leaves to propagate coleus. Remove the leaves below the bottom whole keeping the top in the shade. Plant the pieces in a well-drained potting mix. It takes 2 to 4 weeks to establish new roots. Another method is the propagation of water that can be stored in a jar or water, but make sure to change the water every 4 - 6 days.

Coleus houseplants requirements

- Location

Coleus is not an ornamental plant that requires little light. Put it around the window sill or in an area near the door that gets a lot of light. Mild sun is preferred for its colorful leaves when grown in a temperate climate. Allow it no afternoon sun because it is very pungent and can burn the plant's leaves.


- Land

Coleus is a plant that does not require a complicated growing medium. I don't mind if you just use ordinary soil. Mix with a quality pot and good drainage for the best growth, which requires a little perlite in the growing medium.

- Air

Coleus prefers a slightly moist growing medium and will wither if it is too dry. To keep the soil moist, coleus require frequent watering. Watering should be done sparingly; if the leaves require moisture, spray them with water.

- Humidity and temperature 


In a room, coleus can grow at temperatures ranging from 10 to 35 degrees Celsius. Avoid using air conditioning, which can cause the plant to become shriveled and dry. This coleus can tolerate humid room temperatures with moderate humidity and is ideal.


- Coleus maintenance

Fertilizer should be applied once every two weeks as the correct dose of 1/4 of the recommended strength. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer to help your plants grow stronger and last longer. Make sure it is not exposed to aphids leaves, mealybugs, or mites, which can cause the plant's leaves to shrivel and change color. To get rid of all pests, use an insecticidal solution.

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